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The sun is rising
(the story of scouting in Mpumalanga)

The sun always rises in the East, and (as its name indicates) there's a new, bright sunshine over Mpumalanga Scouting. In line with South Africa's new provincial boundaries, Mpumalanga has set up the infrastructure required to establish itself as a Scout area on its own (breaking away, with many warm memories, from the wide Northern Transvaal Area which stretched from the former Bophutatswana to the Lowveld).

At an impressive ceremony on 12 June 1997, the new area was launched and Dudley James presented with his warrant as Area Commissioner. Video cameras whirred, flash-bulbs twinkled, displays of pioneering models, photographs, scrapbooks, campfire blankets all brightened the Old Drum Rock Hotel.

In a way the vigor needed for such a new beginning came from a previous World Jamboree. Dudley James forged strong links of Scouting friendship with Scouts from Bonn (Germany) and Kent (England). Both are now twinning their own groups with new groups in Mpumalanga, giving some financial assistance as well as Scout brotherhood. In addition German Scouting has already sent several parties of Scouts to visit Mpumalanga and gave financial support to set up the Area.

The Area started with a membership of about 200 in 1997, mainly as the residue of well-established troops and cub packs, located in the major cities of the Province. Such is the appeal of Scouting among the modern generation that the membership has grown to over 2000, mainly as a result of the establishment of new groups in the rural areas, through the efforts of dedicated development fieldworkers who have introduced Scouting to schools, church groups and community groups. Over 90% of the Scouts in the Mpumalanga Area are from the rural areas where there is a huge need for the type of programme that Scouting offers the youth. Our growth alone proves the attractiveness of the Scout programme.

It is hoped that in the future the Area can continue to grow and reach more and more young people, by opening groups in as many villages, towns and cities in the province as possible.